How to Ask Questions | 论坛提问指南


Purpose of the Forum | 论坛主旨

The purpose of building this forum is to document all GAAS related questions for future GAAS users. Questions that are commonly seen will be archived the compiled list of Q&A

建立论坛的目的是为了将一些常见的用户问题沉淀为可查询的文档形式。我们将会在论坛中解答 GAAS 相关的问题,并选择性将问题摘录到 Q&A 方便大家日后查询

What kind of questions are appropriate? | 哪些领域的问题会得到回答?

This discussion forum is a place for all questions about GAAS and the use of GAAS dependencies such as PX4, Gazebo Simulator etc.

GAAS 本身和 GAAS 相关依赖的问题都有可能得到社区开发者们的帮助。

A template to help you format your questions | 以下是一个帮助大家更好的描述自己所遇到问题的模板:


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Tutorial No.:[eg. Tutorial 4]
  • Mavros: [eg. 0.18.4]
  • ROS: [eg. Kinetic]
  • Gazebo: [eg. 7]
  • Ubuntu: [eg. 16.04]
  • System Platform: [eg. X86]

Expected Behavior

Please describe the behaviour you are expecting.

Current Behavior

What is the current behaviour?


If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Failure Logs

Copy console log and paste it here.

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